Amazing Girls Weekend in Cabo San Lucas

Just a few short weeks ago, myself and my soon-to-be sister-in-law decided we could use a break from the Canadian snow and cold (because really, who doesn’t?). Nicole is a flight attendant and I am a Project Manager at an Ad Agency. As you can imagine, Nicole’s job involves a little more sunshine than mine. Craving some sand, sun, and fun, we decided that an ‘extra’ long girls weekend in Cabo San Lucas would be the perfect getaway.

We traveled early February and the weather was absolutely perfect. Even before stepping foot on a plane, we had our entire trip itinerary planned thanks to the experts at Cabo VIP Rentals. Pete and Alice at Cabo VIP Rentals identified the top things to do in Cabo San Lucas, including the perfect girls getaway activities like a snorkelling adventure, sunset fajita cruise and a relaxing spa day. As you can imagine, this was super handy and removed a lot of the stress involved in deciding what we wanted to do, how we were going to get there, and so on.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our fantastic Cabo VIP Rental concierge, who chauffeured us from the airport to La Vista Hernan. It’s also important to note that he greeted us with cold beers and fresh guacamole (what girl could ever complain about being greeted with cold beer and homemade guac?). Our Cabo VIP Rental concierge then drove us around Cabo San Lucas and gave us some history of the area, including providing us with the lowdown on where all the celebrities live.

The rest of our stay in Cabo San Lucas was full of many fun activities including:

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Snorkelling Cruise

The snorkelling was a trip highlight. A half day of sunshine, music, snorkelling, and whale watching, it was truly an experience we will never forget. One tip – definitely BRING SUNSCREEN!

Fajita Sunset Cruise

Mmmmmmm. What could be better than fresh, authentic homemade tacos and fajitas? How about fresh, authentic homemade tacos and fajitas with a view of the Cabo rocks? The fajita sunset cruise was seriously awesome and we are so glad that Pete and Alice suggested this activity.


Our dedicated Cabo VIP Rental concierge found us some great local hikes, with a birds-eye view of Cabo and the marina. It was the perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area, as well as get some exercise and fresh air.

Mid-Week Relaxation Day

No girl’s getaway weekend is complete without a day spent relaxing by an infinity pool with a margarita in hand. The pool at our rental provided the perfect sanctuary for some much need relaxation and time to bond.


Our girl’s weekend in Cabo San Lucas was so much fun. I would 1000% recommend staying at Cabo VIP Rentals and plan on returning soon. It was safe, reliable, stunning, and delicious (if I can use that word to describe a trip!). A HUGE thank you to the entire team at Cabo VIP Rentals for making this Girl’s Getaway absolutely perfect!

Have you had an amazing experience with Cabo VIP Rentals in Cabo San Lucas? Share your experience with us!

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